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Looking for safe services? ABC Lock & Key can help you when you need your safe opened, serviced or repaired. We can also help recommend an appropriate safe for your home or business and even order a safe on your behalf.

We have over 19 years experience and are well equipped to handle any of your safe servicing needs in Naples, Bonita Springs & Marco Island, Florida.

Safe Services

Safe Lock Opening

Whether a home owner or a business we have the know how and experience to help open your safe.

It takes a true professional to access a locked safe without damaging it and ABC Lock & Key have the right tools for the job.

Let us help you access your safe quickly so you can retrieve your personal, private and valuable belongings. If you have a safe that you thought was forever locked then call our team today, we assure you we can help!

Safe Repair & Programming

Safes will ultimately require maintenance over time. Combinations may become stuck and the doors can jam. You may find yourself really pulling on it to open. Your safe may not operate like it used to. We have all the experience necessary to help repair your safe and its lock.

ABC Lock & Key can also reprogram your digital/electronic keypad or set you up with a new combination. You may also be interested in converting your existing analog safe to an electronic keypad.

Safe Installation

We can ensure sure your safe is installed properly. It’s important your safe is level so that the door won’t slam shut or swing by itself.

We can also take the time to make sure its secured to prevent a burglary.

Our expert technician can offer recommendations and advice for proper safe maintenance to ensure it has a long life and your precious items are kept as secure as possible.

Safe Service & Repair in Southwest Florida?

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